Bahia – Projeto Tamar 1 – Brasil

Projeto Tamar is an eco-museum allowing visitors to observe sea turtles and sharks in large outdoor tanks. Created in 1 980, this was one of the first centres to protect a number of endangered species of sea turtles, including the Leatherback turtle, which can grow to lengths in excess of 2 meters and comes here to lay its eggs on the beach from September to March. The centre collects the eggs, looks after them until they hatch, and then releases the baby turtles into the sea.1DSC_0131 copy2DSC_0044 copy3DSC_0020 copy4DSC_0016 copy5DSC_0030 copy6DSC_0019 copy7DSC_0023 copy8DSC_0061 copy9DSC_0051 copy


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