Ear of Dionysius (Orecchio di Dionisio) – Siracusa Sicilia Italia

The Ear of Dionysius was most likely formed out of an old limestone quarry. It is 23 metres high and extends 65 metres back into the cliff. Horizontally, it bends  in an approximate ‘S’ shape, vertically it is tapered at the top like a teardrop. Because of its shape the Ear has extremely good accoustics, making even a small sound resonate throughout the cave. This cave was dug in Greek/Roman times as a water storage for Syracuse. …1DSC_0336 copy2DSC_0321 copy3DSC_0325 copy4DSC_0329 copy5DSC_0327 copy6DSC_0330 copy7DSC_0331 copy8DSC_0333 copy9DSC_0337 copy


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