Palacio de Velázques – Buen Retiro Park – Madrid

Situated in the middle of the Buen Retiro Park, the 19th century Palacio de Velázques was originally built for a national exhibition to celebrate the mining, metallurgy, ceramics, glass-making and mineral water industries. When the exhibition was over, the government decided to maintain the pavilion, which it intended to use as a museum for overseas exhibits. Nowadays, it is owned by the Ministry of Culture, and is used for exhibitions organised by the Museo Reina Sofia. … Leon Golub was an american painter. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, …1P1000414 copy2P1000418 copy3P1000427 copy4P1000428 copy5P1000432 copy6P1000433 copy7P1000435 copy8P1000417 copy9P1000415 copy


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