• Hi, Michael!!!
      The incridible in Santorini is that everything is relatively recent. In 360 years ago there was a massive eruption. This eruption razed with everything, including changing the geography of the place. So the island was abandoned for about 300 years. In the 20 century, in the Decade of 50 years began to repopulate the place and then we ended up where we are today. It’s fantastic!!!!!
      Thank you!!!!

  1. Is Greece always so bright white? I have a mental image of whiteness when I think of Greece. I’m sure that I’m mistaken, but it seems that way. Your gorgeous images from there are always that way. The ones shot from the top of a building on the water stick in my head.

    • Hi, George!!!
      Greece is very hot, very rocky soil and few trees. I think they paint the buildings of white color so that the Sun’s rays are reflected, making the interior of homes more pleasant.
      Thank you!!!

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