The Wall-Paintings of Thera 2 – Santorini Greece

The excavation of the ancient town of Akrotiri, nicknamed a “Bronze Age Pompeii”, has revealed an integrated urban settlement, complete with houses, commercial buildings, public spaces, streets and even a developed sewage system. Unfortunately, the wall-paintings that are represented here were not preserved as well as the architectural finds and have required significant restoration. Indeed, most of the wall-paintings were found broken into many thousands of almost indistinguishable pieces. Nevertheless, while the structure of the paintings may have been damaged, the colors and images of the wall-paintings of Thera did not deteriorate over the ages. This created a complex puzzle of fragments and a major challenge for the team of restorers.1P1130420 copy2P1130417 copy3P1130411 copy4P1130426 copy5P1130421 copy6P1130424 copy7P1130430 copy8P1130440 copy9P1130439 copy

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